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Hans Kullerkupp



Until we meet again, buddy...

Hans Kullerkupp has experienced a life that most people only dream about.


Born in Germany shortly after World War II to Estonian refugees, he lived in Europe until he was ten, when his parents boarded a plane bound for New York in search of a better life.  Arriving in the heart of “Little Italy” on Buffalo’s west side in 1957, no one from the Kullerkupp family spoke English.  Hans quickly picked up the language, and with a combination of smarts and street savvy, roamed the neighborhood, befriended sons of Mafia members, and celebrated the social scene.


As the “American Bandstand” craze swept the nation in the 1960s, Hans was a local celebrity at fifteen, becoming a dancing star on TV’s “Buffalo Bandstand.”  Soon he delved into learning magic and performing card tricks.  A self-described “punk,” his desire to skip school was at odds with his dream of becoming an architect.  There were always girls to chase and boys to fight.


After enlisting in the Air Force Reserves, Hans battled the establishment by challenging the rules about whitewall haircuts.  He married Carol and raised two boys.  Along the way, Hans became a property owner and landlord, working his way up in the field of architecture.


Joining Cannon Design in 1979, Hans assumed a variety of jobs over the years.  He oversaw designs of hospitals, schools, and high rise offices.  Without a college degree, Hans became a partner in one of the nation’s leading architectural and design firms.


A truly American story, What A Country, This America tells of Hans Kullerkupp’s rich experiences, reminding the reader that with brains, opportunity and moxie, life offers limitless opportunities.

biography of Hans Kullerkupp
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