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with Ross Brewitt

As the Buffalo Sabres took the ice their first year at the new Marine Midland Arena, this book looked back over the team’s twenty-six years in Memorial Auditorium — focusing on the people and events that have made the Sabres one of the most exciting teams in the NHL.


From the trials and intrigue of the Knox brothers in their many and persistent bids to gain a franchise, to the legendary general manager and coach, Punch Imlach, to the French Connection and those spirited teams of the 1970s and ’80s, Sabres highlights the first quarter-century of Buffalo hockey with stunning pictures and anecdotes.


More than a history, the book reveals what the Sabres have come to represent to the city and the hockey community through the personal memories of the players and coaches who passed through Memorial Auditorium over the years.


Taylor Publishing

$36 (out of print)

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