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Mariner Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Paperback edition


GROWING UP GRONK in the media:



Click below for video of the book signing at Barnes and Noble in Boston, July 11, 2013:





Click below for a link to the John Murphy Radio Show, recorded on July 16, 2013.  Drag arrow to 42 minute mark, where the interview begins:





Click below to read an in-depth article about the writing process, by my good friend Matt Chandler of Business First:







The hardcover edition retails for $25.


Meet the Gronks...


•Gordy, father to five sons, former college football player and businessman;

•Gordie, Jr., former pro baseball player;

•Dan, NFL tight end;

•Chris, NFL fullback;

•Rob, superstar tight end for the New England Patriots;

•Goose, college H-back.


In a Buffalo, N.Y. suburb, what happened in the Gronkowski home that allowed five boys to experience such athletic success?


Growing Up Gronk examines the family members and those who know them to explain how each boy was both pushed and inspired by his brothers.  This is a story of competition, bragging rights, and infighting, as well as hard work, perseverance, and mental toughness.


Striking a pose with the Gronkowski clan.  Jeff stands six feet tall, so these are some big guys.  From left, Dan, Gordie, Gordy, Jeff, Goose, Chris, and Rob. 

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